Wealth. Glory. Power. Wisdom. Wealth.

Throughout time immemorial, this world ‘Tiandi’ has struggled within the grasp of the Dark Lord triumvirate, and their leader – the Demon King. Due to their actions, Tiandi has already been visited by countless atrocities and tragedies.

The triumvirate’s indefensible decisions include, but are not limited to: exploding economic bubbles, unethical worker mismanagement, crackpot medical entrepreneurism and shady pyramid schemes.

W-wait. First off, can we at least dispel the myth that the Dark Lords don’t know what they’re doing? They know exactly what they’re doing. They’re undertaking a systematic effort to change the world – to make Tiandi more like the Underworld.

How do I know this…? Well, let’s say it’s an educated guess.

Moving on!

In the past, thousands of heroes have risen and fallen in order to combat this menace. Their intervention has even driven the Dark Lords to total defeat! Unfortunately, blood begets blood, and it has long been said that there will never be a true conclusion.

Conflicting ideologies, the cycle of hatred; an unending battle of light and dark. Cliché, I know. However, hope looms black on the horizon!


You’re lucky enough to have been born in an era where the battle has never been more intense. If you’ve paid any attention to the news recently – no, let me start again.

Legend tells of a Dark Lord whose deeds shook the earth and rocked the heavens. Possessed of both tranquility and violence, ferocious and elegant beyond all measure, a paradigm of untold virtues, this Dark Lord will lead the forces of the Underworld towards a paean of eternal victory!

There’s just one small problem.

Our lord and saviour is currently jobless, homeless, and in dire need of funds. With just a small loan of a million dollars, you, too, could support our noble cause –

–Huh? No, this isn’t a scam. Fufu, it’s not like I’m the Dark Lord or something… that would be preposterous.

However… if, hypothetically – just hypothetically, that were true… then, kind stranger, would you spare some of your change?


About aurusine

Verily, I am an unparalleled paragon of magnanimity; my lofty ideals are surpassed only by my aptitude for success and fine wit - which art refined as a rapier, and doth cut as deeply forthwith. Upon my exalted self, I bear the weight of each and every victory; forsooth, I am a pillar that supports the heavens, and thus is the paean of my sovereignty
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